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Victoria Jackson (born August 2, 1959) is an American comedian, actress, satirist and singer who was a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1992.

On SNL, she became most famous for her appearances on Weekend Update with Dennis Miller, again reciting poetry while doing back-bends or handstands on the desk, with Miller cracking a sexually suggestive comment at the end. On episodes hosted by Steve Martin (October 17, 1987) and Demi Moore (November 12, 1988), she sang and danced on the Weekend Update desk.

After many such appearances, Jackson began to read a poem, but stopped and said in a low, throaty voice, "I can't do this Victoria 'airhead' thing anymore." She then removed her blonde wig to reveal a short brunette wig, announcing that she could not believe people thought that her goofy routine was for real, and that she would be doing serious political commentary on the show from that point onward. Several members of the Saturday Night Live cast believed her act was lightweight or disliked her religious views. Jackson states that she quit the show to pursue a pious family life over a more lucrative and sinful entertainment business. Her former agent Deloris Robinson claims she was "dropped" due to alienating many cast members and producers and writers from SNL due to religious views.

After her retirement from SNL, Jackson starred in an episode of The X-Files titled "The Rain King" where she played Sheila Fontaine, an unrequited love of a small town man who can control the weather. Jackson also had a recurring role in the Nickelodeon television series Romeo! as the nutty nanny Marie Rodgers.

More recently, Jackson has taken to political activism, as a self-described member of the Tea Party. In 2014, she filed to run for the office of County Commissioner in Williamson County, Tennessee.[1]



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SNL Career[]

  • 1986-1992: Repertory Player