1. Convert the infoboxes to the "portable" infobox style. The infobox builder is garbage (shows a white blank in every browser I have) but the source of a template can be manually edited via the url

    As a previous snafu showed, it will not be possible to edit existing infoboxes and convert them– I will create new templates with new names, and modify the old templates to simply transclude the new ones. This will also make it easy to fix badly-thought-out template parameters without editing every article that transcludes them (like the season episode parameter in the episode infobox).

  2. As was the case with many old created-but-empty pages, for which I made the {{blankpage}} template– someone created all of the episode articles for past episodes, but did so by copy+pasting a prewritten article lacking any data, and then... didn't fill in the data. These all need a special template; probably one which hides the content of the article, since right now, people doing Google searches for episode dates are finding us and getting (literally) "The ... episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by ... with ... as musical guest." Since multiple users have failed to realize this, editors, take note: redlinks are not a bad thing! There is no need to create blank articles! (I'm seriously considering deleting all of the empty episodes and blankpage-templated articles, as they're completely useless at present.)
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