There was some severe vandalism over the last two days, composed of hoax edits and creating hoax articles. Fortunately, cleaning up these things is a relatively straightforward process. Small groups of edits were reverted, or rolled back with the handy one-click "rollback" button. For larger jumbles, I deleted and restored the pages with the added comment left out.

(If you didn't know, restoring deleted articles lists all individual revisions with checkboxes next to them, so that parts can be left deleted while the rest is restored. If you've ever seen a history page where a revision is struck-through and can't be individually viewed, that's a deleted revision with restored revisions after it.)

I've also semi-protected some of the heavily-targeted pages.

Most likely, these are coming about as a result of the Mueller report, so more vandalism may follow for the next few days. I haven't actually been watching SNL regularly for the past two years or so, because it's become so embarrassingly bad. (The post-election and post-inauguration musical numbers, plus the Stormy Daniels cameo, will be remembered on sites like this wiki as shit stains on the show's history.) Apparently in this season's Christmas episode, all seven female cast members did a parody of Mariah Carey's big Christmas hit begging Mueller to indict Trump and calling for a coup if it didn't happen.

And the conservative press is having a field day with it. Lawd have mercy are they having a field day with it. It's on Brietbart's front page.

So unless Lorne is going to wise up and do a 1981-style "fire everybody" move, the 11:30 partisan shitshow is liable to continue. Just as the current cast and writing team will strive to be the iceberg of the Titanic that is SNL, I will strive to keep this place from becoming a total mess.

And a note on all of this, to the conservatives who show up here: please remember that the SNL wiki does not endorse the views of the show. We have no corporate tie to NBC. And when you vandalize, somebody (me) has to clean it up. I got involved with this wiki because I wanted to fill in some gaps in information; when I first arrived, it was largely a fan blog for the newest few seasons of SNL. There wasn't even an article for the first episode! I am not here because I like the current SNL; in fact, this is one of the worst slumps in quality in the show's history. If it were up to me, and I say this seriously, I would cancel it. But fortunately for the hacks calling themselves a writing team, it's not up to me.

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