People constantly complain on social media that the classic episodes are never from the non-Lorne years, though they did run an early-80s one a while back (I think from season 10). But that was the episode they chose? That's one of a small handful from that season that sucked! I wonder if the powers that be are doing it on purpose to make that era look worse than it was. (Supporting that theory is their heavy reliance on season 10 material when they run clips of that generation.)

So, if the SNL producers are looking for episodes to show from that era that are, you know, good, I have a few suggestions. These are also good if you're unfamiliar with that era of SNL and want to track down episodes:

Most of season 7 is decent, though (as the Cash episode showed) a few episodes aren't the greatest. Season 8 is marginal at best, season 9 is better, and seasons 10-11 aren't even worth watching. Neither is most of season 6, though the Bill Murray episode is rather good. (So is the Karen Black episode, if you fast-forward through the first half.)

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