Yes, you read that headline correctly. I just made this discovery while watching an episode from season 6. It turns out that the February 14, 1981 episode had three news segments under two different names. In the middle was the usual, Weekend Update with Charles Rocket and Gail Matthius. (Its format was unusual; I'm going to write the episode article and make note of that.)

However, earlier and later in the broadcast, Eddie Murphy anchored a segment called Newsbreak. The first segment was almost identical to Update, except unlike the Rocket iteration of the long-standing sketch, it was actually funny. At the end, Eddie told the viewers to tune in to the longer Weekend Update later in the broadcast. During that Update, Charles Rocket broke a fake news story that Poland had invaded the USSR; Eddie's later Newsbreak was further information about the supposed invasion. The segment used the backdrop from Update, minus the screen and maps, plus a rear desk with telephones and screens, which was reused for Saturday Night NewsLine two episodes later.

I'm going to rip the videos of the segments and get them uploaded ASAP.

And an unrelated programming note: I am now writing episode reviews. You can find them here.

Murphy newsbreak

Murphy newsbreak

Newsbreak with Eddie Murphy

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