The Californians is a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live which parodies a soap opera and features Karina (played by Kristen Wiig), Devin (played by Bill Hader), Stuart (played by Fred Armisen), Trey (played by Kenan Thompson) and Rosa (played by Vanessa Bayer), who is also the only brunette, as wealthy blondes with Valley Girl accents exaggerated to the point of incoherence. Throughout the melodramatic plot developments in the sketch, much of the dialogue consists of descriptions of freeway routes taken from place to place. Each installment includes three scenes, each of which ends with all of the characters in the room crowded around a single mirror and gazing at their own reflections.

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In popular culture[edit | edit source]

America Chavez - Made In The USA Page 8.jpg
  • The Californians sketch was referenced in the first issue of "America Chavez: Made in the USA" which was published by Marvel Comics in March of 2021.
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