September 18, 1976
 Season 2 episode
Episode 25
Season Episode 1
Host Lily Tomlin
Musical Guest(s) James Taylor
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Shower The People"
"Sweet Baby James"
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July 31, 1976
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September 25, 1976

The 25th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Lily Tomlin with musical guest James Taylor.

Cast[edit | edit source]

The Not Ready For Primetime Players[edit | edit source]

Bit Players (Uncredited)[edit | edit source]

Cameo By Taylor Mead

Special Appearances By The Muppets

Sketches[edit | edit source]

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Title Image Summary
Lily's Arrival Lilys-arrival-9-18-76.jpg The cast waits for Lily Tomlin to arrive at Studio 8-H. She finally shows up with her entourage in tow and no intention of rehearsing for the show.
Lily Tomlin's Monologue Lily-tomlins-monologue-9-18-76.jpg When the cameras go off, the audience sees how Lily Tomlin really feels about the show.
Debate '76 Debate-76-9-18-76.jpg President Ford (Chevy Chase) and Governor Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd) cover strange ground during their first debate.
James Taylor Performs "Shower The People" James-taylor-performs-shower-the-people-9-18-76.jpg
Weekend Update With Chevy Chase Weekend-update-9-18-76.jpg Laraine Newman reports from an outbreak of Foreign Legionnaire's Disease at the Blaine Hotel. Emily Litella phones Chevy Chase to inquire about five "crustaceans" that hijacked an airplane.
The Phone Company The-phone-company-9-18-76.jpg Telephone operator Ernestine (Lily Tomlin) says that the Phone Company doesn't have to care about its consumers.
The Muppets The-muppets-9-18-76.jpg In the final Muppets piece, the Muppets wake up in a morgue-like atmosphere, surprised that they didn't make it to the second season. Lily Tomlin wanders downstairs to visit them and perform a final song.
James Taylor Performs "Road Runner" James-taylor-performs-road-runner-9-18-76.jpg
Tess & The Salesman Tess-and-the-salesman-9-18-76.jpg Christmas-loving Tess DiSenzo (Lily Tomlin) chats with real estate salesman Ralph Hopkins (Garrett Morris).
James Taylor Performs "Sweet Baby James" James-taylor-performs-sweet-baby-james-9-18-76.jpg
We Asked Judith Beasley We-asked-judith-beasley-9-18-76.jpg Dan Aykroyd encourages housewife Judith Beasley (Lily Tomlin) to perform a series of crazy stunts around town.
Women In Literature Women-in-literature-9-18-76.jpg Elna Sullivan's (Laraine Newman) journal entries are devoid of depth.
Gary Weis Film Gary-weis-film-9-18-76.jpg "Television Viewer" is Gary Weis' premiere film for the new season, and it features writer/performer Taylor Mead's thoughts on his neverending viewing of television programming.
The Antler Dance   Lily Tomlin and Payl Shaffer and the SNL Band lead the audience in a wild performance of "The Antler Dance".
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