Live from New York... it's the Eddie Murphy Show!
—Eddie Murphy ad-libbing the opening line as host, December 11, 1982

Season 8
Premier: September 25, 1982
Last episode: May 14, 1983
Episodes: 20
Weekend Update anchor(s): Brad Hall
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The eighth season of Saturday Night Live began on September 25, 1982 with former cast member Chevy Chase as the host, and musical guest Queen, and ended on May 14, 1983 with host Ed Koch, and Kevin Rowland with several major cast changes. Tony Rosato, Christine Ebersole and Brian Doyle-Murray had been fired from the show. In their places, Dick Ebersol hired future Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, along with Brad Hall, and Gary Kroeger (the former two would eventually become married). Don Pardo returned to his announcer duties in this season.


Robin s8  Mary s8  Brad s8 

Tim s8  Gary s8  Julia s8 

Eddie s8  Joe s8 


Michael Che (May 19, 1983)

Heidi Gardner (July 27, 1983)




Opening sequence

  • Eddie Murphy became the first, and so far only, cast member to host while still within in principal cast.
    • His 48 Hours co-star, Nick Nolte was supposed to host his episode but dropped out midweek.
  • Drew Barrymore became SNL's youngest host at age seven.
  • Andy Kaufman was banned from SNL forever due to a 1-900 vote by audience members.
  • This is the first time the band Queen performed on American television.
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