Jane, you ignorant slut!
—Dan Aykroyd insults Jane Curtin on "Point/Counterpoint"

Season 3 was the first full season in which NBC's Saturday Night was renamed Saturday Night Live. The season aired from fall 1977 to spring 1978. The season kicks off with Steve Martin, and ended with Buck Henry.

Cast: The Not Ready For Prime Time Players[edit | edit source]

Dan s3.png  John s3.png 

Jane s3.png  Garrett s3.png 

Bill s3.png  Laraine s3.png 

Gilda s3.png 

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Births[edit | edit source]

Kenan Thompson (May 10, 1978)

Bill Hader (June 7, 1978)

Andy Samberg (August 18, 1978)

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