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Season 28 debuted on October 5, 2002 with host Matt Damon. The season premiere would also be the first episode for two long-time cast members, Fred Armisen and Will Forte, who were relied on to provide stability in the cast following the departure of Will Ferrell. Dan Aykroyd made his long-anticipated first hosting appearance for the season finale with musical guest, Beyoncé Knowles. Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan had their departures announced on air and featured player, Dean Edwards was not retained for the following season.

The opening montage is changed, with the repertory players having their names on screen, while the featured players don’t have their names on screen.

This is the last season with the set were the on-air sign flashing above the audience appeared in every episode, and the door that says 25 on it.

This is Tracy Morgan's last season as a cast member.



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