Well, I'm Steve. What can I get you?
Colin Quinn announcing Norm MacDonald was off Weekend Update, January 10, 1998

Season 23 is notable for the Weekend Update controversy held in late-1997 and early-1998. Anchor Norm MacDonald was reassigned by NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer, for "not being funny." He was replaced by Colin Quinn starting on the January 10, 1998 show. Norm MacDonald would leave the cast midseason and Jim Breuer would not return for the following season. Also, former cast member Chris Farley, who hosted earlier this season during its Halloween episode died unexpectedly from a drug overdose during the Christmas break hiatus early this season. Also, after the 23rd season finale former cast member Phil Hartman, also died later this season after being shot to death by his wife. Both Farley, and Hartman, have been remembered by all cast and crew of the show as they both brought SNL into a popular state from what it is today in present day.

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  • Norm MacDonald: Last March 14

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