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That's the news, and I am outta here!
—Dennis Miller signing off for the final time, May 18, 1991

Saturday Night Live began its sixteenth season on September 29, 1990, with an episode hosted by Kyle MacLachlan, and ending on May 18, 1991, with an episode hosted by George Wendt. This was the first season without Nora Dunn and Jon Lovitzas regular cast members since season 10.

The beginning of this season added Chris Farley and Chris Rock, with Rob Schneider, Julia Sweeney and David Spade, Adam Sandler and Tim Meadows being added during the season's run. The end of the season saw the departures of Dennis Miller, Jan Hooks, and A. Whitney Brown.

After the end of the season, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, and Julia Sweeney were promoted to repertory status, and Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, and David Spade were promoted to the new middle group.




Opening sequence used for seasons 16-18, showing the middle cast category

Starting this season, the cast was divided into three groups. A middle group was created; these cast members were shown in video clips like the repertory cast (as opposed to still photos, which were and had been used for featured players). This new category would be introduced with the word "with", though "with" was sometimes used to introduce the repertory players (Don Pardo variously used "with" or "starring"). The first members were two new cast members, Chris Farley and Chris Rock; Tim Meadows and Julia Sweeney were placed into this group mid-season.


Dana s16.png
Dana Carvey
Phil s16.png
Phil Hartman
Jan s16.png
Jan Hooks
Victoria s16.png
Victoria Jackson
Dennis s16.png
Dennis Miller
Mike s16.png
Mike Myers
Kevin s16.png
Kevin Nealon

Also starring[]

Chris s16.png
Chris Farley
Tim s16.png
Tim Meadows
Chrisr s16.png
Chris Rock
Julia s16.png
Julia Sweeney


Whitney s16.png
A. Whitney Brown
Al s16.png
Al Franken
Adam s16.png
Adam Sandler
Rob s16.png
Rob Schneider
David s16.png
David Spade


  • Rob Schneider: First October 27
  • David Spade: First November 10
  • Julia Sweeney: First November 10
  • Adam Sandler: First January 12
  • Tim Meadows: First February 9


Episode Guide[]

Episode Number Air Date Host(s) Musical Guest(s)
287 (16.1) September 29, 1990 Kyle MacLachlan Sinead O'Connor
288 (16.2) October 6, 1990 Susan Lucci Hothouse Flowers
289 (16.3) October 20, 1990 George Steinbrenner The Time
290 (16.4) October 27, 1990 Patrick Swayze Mariah Carey
291 (16.5) November 10, 1990 Jimmy Smits World Party
292 (16.6) November 17, 1990 Dennis Hopper Paul Simon
293 (16.7) December 1, 1990 John Goodman Faith No More
294 (16.8) December 8, 1990 Tom Hanks Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
295 (16.9) December 15, 1990 Dennis Quaid The Neville Brothers
296 (16.10) January 12, 1991 Joe Mantegna Vanilla Ice
297 (16.11) January 19, 1991 Sting
298 (16.12) February 9, 1991 Kevin Bacon INXS
299 (16.13) February 16, 1991 Roseanne Barr Deee-Lite
300 (16.14) February 23, 1991 Alec Baldwin Whitney Houston
301 (16.15) March 16, 1991 Michael J. Fox The Black Crowes
302 (16.16) March 23, 1991 Jeremy Irons Fishbone
303 (16.17) April 13, 1991 Catherine O'Hara R.E.M.
304 (16.18) April 20, 1991 Steven Seagal Michael Bolton
305 (16.19) May 11, 1991 Delta Burke Chris Isaak
306 (16.20) May 18, 1991 George Wendt Elvis Costello
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