Gilda, we miss you.
—Steve Martin in the monologue of the season finale, the day of Gilda Radner's death

Season 14 premiered on October 8, 1988 with host Tom Hanks and musical guest, Keith Richards. Midseason, Mike Myers and Ben Stiller were hired as featured players. While Mike had quick success with Dieter and Wayne's World, Ben Stiller clashed with executive producer Lorne Michaels, due to a contrast in differences. The season finale with host Steve Martin included a tribute to original cast member Gilda Radner, who passed away earlier that day.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Repertory[edit | edit source]

Dana s14.png
Dana Carvey
Nora s14.png
Nora Dunn
Phil s14.png
Phil Hartman
Jan s14.png
Jan Hooks
Victoria s14.png
Victoria Jackson
Jon s14.png
Jon Lovitz
Dennis s14.png
Dennis Miller
Kevin s14.png
Kevin Nealon

Featured[edit | edit source]

Whitney s14.png
A. Whitney Brown
Al s14.png
Al Franken
Mike s14.png
Mike Myers
Ben s14.jpg
Ben Stiller

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Gilda Radner (May 20, 1989)

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