Season 10
Premier: October 6, 1984
Last episode: April 13, 1985
Episodes: 17
Weekend Update anchor(s): Rotating guest anchors (eps. 1-6)
Christopher Guest (eps. 7-17)
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Season 10 of Saturday Night Live was a transition year. Robin Duke, Tim Kazurinsky, Brad Hall, Eddie Murphy, and Joe Piscopo were all gone from the previous season. Producer Dick Ebersol bought in several big names to fill out the cast, including Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, Rich Hall, Martin Short, Pamela Stephenson, and the returning Harry Shearer.

No one carried over to season 11, including producer Ebersol. For season 11, Lorne Michaels returned and constructed an entirely new cast.


Jim s10
Jim Belushi
Billy s10
Billy Crystal
Mary s10
Mary Gross
Christopher s10
Christopher Guest
Rich s10
Rich Hall
Gary s10
Gary Kroeger
Julia s10
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Harry s10
Harry Shearer
Martin s10
Martin Short
Pamela s10
Pamela Stephenson


Chris Redd (March 25, 1985)


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