SNL Goodnight Sweet Prince was a retrospective dedicated to the artist Prince. It aired on April 23, 2016, two days after his death. The airing bumped a scheduled repeat of the April 2, 2016 episode; the April 16, 2016 episode advertised the April 2 episode as what would air the following week. The special was put together on very short notice— Prince had died just before 10 AM on Thursday, and advertisements for the special were airing by Friday night.

The show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon speaking to an empty studio 8H. The first hour consisted of six clips of Prince performing: February 21, 1981 (in which Prince's F-word slip wasn't censored, though the closed captioning replaced it with "freakin'"), both performances from February 4, 2006, the 15th Anniversary Special, November 1, 2014, and a clip from the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special. The remaining half hour consisted of individual videos of Fred Armisen's Prince Talk Show sketches.

Possibly due to a lack of footage, or in an attempt by NBC to increase advertising revenues, the episode was very commercial-heavy. Lengthy commercial breaks followed every individual clip; in fact, the commercials likely surpassed the runtime of the actual special.

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