October 5, 2013
Season 39 episode
SNL Miley Cyrus
Miley music 39
Episode 747
Season Episode 2
Host Miley Cyrus
Musical Guest(s) Miley Cyrus
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Wrecking Ball"
"We Can't Stop"
Previous Episode September 28, 2013
Next Episode October 12, 2013

The 747th episode of Saturday Night Live aired on October 5, 2013. It was hosted by Miley Cyrus, who was also the musical guest and performed "Wrecking Ball" and an acoustic version of "We Can't Stop."


  • VMAs Backstage (Cold Opening)
  • 50 Shades of Grey Auditions
  • Girlfriends Talk Show (Show)
  • We Did Stop (Film)
  • Piers Morgan Live (Show)
  • Cheer Squad
  • Mornin' Miami
  • Poetry Class
  • Miley Sex Tape



  • The episode was delayed by 22 minutes, airing at 11:57pm, instead of 11:35pm.
  • There were two technical problems:
    • During Weekend Update, Kate McKinnon's chair was stuck in the down position, leaving her at chest-level with the desk. While delivering her lines, she pulled herself onto the desk and sat on the arm of the chair.
    • During the "Cheer Squad" sketch, the video cable failed on the live camera, causing the video to flicker and cut to a green blank. The shot hurriedly switched to a second camera, but doing so revealed a stagehand who was on set to hook up the harnesses that would lift two of the actresses. He was forced to scurry offstage. Repeats of the episode use the dress rehearsal performance.
  • The "We Did Stop" filmed sketch is a parody of the music video of Cyrus' song, "We Can't Stop."
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