October 3, 1981
 Season 7 episode
Episode 120
Season Episode 1
Host none
Musical Guest(s) Rod Stewart
Tina Turner
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Dance With Me"
"Hot Legs"
"Young Turks"
Previous Episode
April 11, 1981
Next Episode
October 10, 1981

The 120th episode and season 7 premier had no host, and Rod Stewart appeared as musical guest. The season started with a brand new opening, and introduced new cast members Mary Gross and Christine Ebersole. Featured was Brian Doyle-Murray, who anchored Weekend Update, which was retitled SNL Newsbreak. The opening sketch concept was dropped for the early episodes of this season; this episode featured a quick parody of NBC's "Our Pride Is Showing" bumper, entitled "Our Age is Showing." Also, Don Pardo was absent for the entire season; Mel Brandt announced this and most other episodes. James Caan was rumored to host, but backed down due to his sister being sick.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Repertory Players[edit | edit source]

Featured Players[edit | edit source]

Cameo by Yvonne Hudson.

Sketches and Performances[edit | edit source]

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Title Image Summary
NBC: Our Age Is Showing Blank2.png
Montage Blank2.png With no host, announcer Mel Brandt finishes the montage with "Live, from New York, the Cast of Saturday Night Live!" The cast runs to the main stage and poses, before racing out of frame, and the four extras for the "Little Richard Simmons" sketch run onstage into their positions. The following sketch begins with no transition.
The Little Richard Simmons Show Blank2.png Yvonne Hudson returns as one of the exercising women
The Clams Blank2.png
Nuns On The Beach Blank2.png
A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney Blank2.png
Prose & Cons Blank2.png
Rod Stewart performs "Dance With Me" and "Hot Legs". Blank2.png Tony Rosato introduces Stewart. Tina Turner joins Stewart for "Hot Legs".
SNL Newsbreak with Mary Gross and Brian Doyle-Murray Falling_letters The segment opens with a superimposed graphic reading "SNL Newsbreak". The work "break" crumbles to pieces, and matching pieces of foam rubber letters are tossed onto Murray's head. Features Tom Snyder (Joe Piscopo) and Raheem Abdul Mohammed. Mary Gross incorrectly refers to Mohammed as the Weekend Update film critic.
The Khaddafi Look Blank2.png
Rod's One-Night Stand Blank2.png In an unusual move, this sketch spans a commercial break.
Andy Warhol's TV Blank2.png
Juggler Michael Davis Blank2.png
Season Of Glass Blank2.png
Rod Stewart performs "Young Turks" Blank2.png Stewart introduces himself.
Goodnights Blank2.png Joe Piscopo says thanks to Rod Stewart and Michael Davis, and Murphy chimes in to thank Tina Turner.
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April 11, 1981
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October 10, 1981
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