October 2, 1976
 Season 2 episode
Idle s2a.jpg
Episode 27
Season Episode 3
Host Eric Idle
Musical Guest(s) Joe Cocker & Stuff
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "You Are So Beautiful"
"Feelin' Alright"
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September 25, 1976
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October 16, 1976

The 27th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Eric Idle with musical guest Joe Cocker & Stuff.

Cast[edit | edit source]

The Not Ready For Primetime Players[edit | edit source]

Sketches[edit | edit source]

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Title Image Summary
The Real Chevy Chase The-real-chevy-chase-10-2-76.jpg An impostor (Richard Belzer) attempts to replace a still-hospitalized Chevy Chase.
Eric Idle's Monologue Eric-idles-monologue-10-2-76.jpg Jane Curtin interrupts Eric Idle's screaming version of "Here Comes The Sun.
Genetic Councelor Genetic-counselor-10-2-76.jpg A genetics counselor (Eric Idle) offers an expecting couple (Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner) their choice of wild personality traits in their child.
KLOG Radio Klog-radio-10-2-76.jpg Disc jockey Kenneth Wardell (Dan Aykroyd) simultaneously hosts morning shows on AM/FM sister stations.
Killer Bees Killer-bees-10-2-76.jpg Eric Idle ruins a Killer Bees swine flu innoculation sketch by using his natural British dialect.
Joe Cocker Performs "You Are So Beautiful" Joe-cocker-performs-you-are-so-beautiful-10-2-76.jpg
Baba Wawa's Farewell Baba-wawas-farewell-10-2-76.jpg Before leaving NBC, Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner) explains the reasoning for her departure.
Weekend Update With Jane Curtin Weekend-update-10-2-76.jpg Amateur drawings recount the boxing match between Ken Norton and Mohammed Ali. Garrett Morris reports on a prank circumcision of Michelangelo's David. A Johnny Carson clip shows Ed Ames (John Belushi) attacking the silhouette.
Epifix Epifex-10-2-76.jpg A druggist (Dan Aykroyd) uses the injection to relieve his headache.
The Rutles The-rutles-10-2-76.jpg Lorne Michaels reports that a lying Eric Idle tricked him out of the money intended for The Beatles. He offers as a substitute video, a documentary of British pop group The Rutles.
Nazi Spies Nazi-spies-10-2-76.jpg A pair of spies (Eric Idle, Dan Aykroyd) discuss their plans to assassinate Hitler while hunched over a table in a Nazi hangout.
Joe Cocker & Joe Cocker (John Belushi) Performs "Feelin' Alright" Joe-coker-and-joe-cocker-john-belushi-perform-feelin-alright-10-2-76.jpg
Dragnet Dragnet-10-2-76.jpg Joe Friday (Dan Aykroyd) and his companion, Saturday Morning (Eric Idle), wear women's clothing at the precinct, until John Belushi finally explains that British drag humor doesn't work in America.
Drag Racing Today Drag-racing-today-10-2-76.jpg Still dressed in women's clothing, Eric Idle and Dan Aykroyd race on foot.
Stuff Performs "Foots" Stuff-performs-foots-10-2-76.jpg
The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau The-undersea-world-of-jacques-cousteau-10-2-76.jpg The voice of Jacques Cousteau (John Belushi) narrates a journey within the depths of what turns out to be a goldfish tank. From above, Eric Idle drops cheesecake, wine, coffee, and other items into the tank as demonstration that fish enjoy people food.
Ken Norton Ken-norton-10-2-76.jpg Ken Norton (Garrett Morris) insists that he's a better boxer than Mohammad Ali.
Cufflinks Of The Gods? Cufflinks-of-the-gods-10-2-76.jpg Erica Viedonagen (Laraine Newman) explores the possibility of an alien comic existence.
Pong Pong-10-2-76.jpg While playing Pong, Al Franken and Tom Davis relay the answers to a tough Math problem.
Goodnights Goodnights-10-2-76.jpg
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