November 5, 2016
Season 42 episode
Episode 813
Season Episode 5
Host Benedict Cumberbatch
Musical Guest(s) Solange
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Don't Touch My Hair"
"Cranes In The Sky"
Previous Episode October 22, 2016
Next Episode November 12, 2016

The 813th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch with musical guest Solange.




Cameos by Alec Baldwin, Dana Carvey, Bill Murray, Dexter Fowler, Anthony Rizzo, and David Ross


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Title Image Summary
Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump
With 72 hours remaining until Election Day, Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Donald Trump (cameo by Alec Baldwin) appear on Erin Burnett OutFront.
Monologue by Benedict Cumberbatch
Host Benedict Cumberbatch properly introduces himself with a little help from Leslie Jones, Cecily Strong, Sasheer Zamata and Melissa Villaseñor.
Koohl Toilet
An advertisement for Kohler's "Koohl Toilet" parodying Apple's famous 1984 Macintosh SuperBowl advertisement. With Mikey Day (Big Brother), Benedict Cumberbatch (hammer man), and Alex Moffat, Vanessa Bayer, Mellisa Villaseñor as audience members.
Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?
Beck Bennett asks Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant and Benedict Cumberbatch to appear on his new game show, Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?
Office Hours
A professor's (Benedict Cumberbatch) chats with a student (Pete Davidson) help him realize something about himself.
Surprise Bachelorette
A grandmother (Aidy Bryant) doesn't take well to her surprise bachelorette party, complete with strippers (Benedict Cumberbatch and Mikey Day, with cameos by Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler).
Solange Performs "Don't Touch My Hair"
Solange is joined by Sampha.
Weekend Update With Colin Jost And Michael Che
Jost and Che mention the FBI's investigation into more of Hillary Clinton's emails and Donald Trump being endorsed by the KKK. Church Lady (cameo by Dana Carvey) stops by and weighs in on the candidates and Chicago Cubs players Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler perform musical number "Go Cubs Go" with Bill Murray.
A memorial photo of Carrie Fisher was shown in silence after Weekend Update during a repeat of the episode on December 31, 2016.
Gemma & Ricky
Ricky Diamonds (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his girlfriend Gemma (Cecily Strong) crash a couple's (Vanessa Bayer, Kenan Thompson) date night in Atlantic City.
Criminal Mastermind
Jack (Benedict Cumberbatch) toys with his targets (Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat) using riddles.
Solange Performs "Cranes In The Sky"
Solange is joined by Sampha.
Meeting With Mr. Shaw
Two businessmen (Beck Bennett and Kenan Thompson) meet with a mysterious potential investor and his personal attaché (Benedict Cumberbatch).
Goodnights   A memorial photo of NBC Universal employee John Homer is shown in silence before the goodnights.

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