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November 19, 1983
Season 9 episode
Jerry Lewis
Episode 165
Season Episode 6
Host Jerry Lewis
Musical Guest(s) Loverboy
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Working for the Weekend"
Previous Episode November 12, 1983
Next Episode December 3, 1983

The 165th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Jerry Lewis with musical guest Loverboy.




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Title Image Summary
Operating Room A group of doctors took a patient (Jerry Lewis) to the emergency room for bypass surgery. While they begin the operation, He has a dream about the showgirls and the Rat Pack (Joe Piscopo, Eddie Murphy). After he woke up, the doctor asks him about the checkup. Then the patient says it was a dream.
Preceded by:
November 12, 1983
Saturday Night Live episode Followed by:
December 3, 1983
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