November 17, 2018
 Season 44 episode
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Episode 856
Season Episode 6
Host Steve Carell
Musical Guest(s) Ella Mai
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Boo'd Up"
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November 10, 2018
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December 1, 2018

The 856th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Steve Carell with musical guest Ella Mai. Steve Carell came back to host for the first time in over 10 years. The last time he hosts was the season 33 finale in 2008. This is also Steve Carell's 3rd time hosting on the show.

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Featured[edit | edit source]

Cameos by Alison Gates, Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer, and Nancy Carell.

Sketches[edit | edit source]

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Laura Ingraham
Monologue by Steve Carell   An audience Q&A which features Steve's "The Office" co-stars Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Jenna Fischer. Also features Steve's wife Nancy Carell (an SNL alum and Office guest-star) and writer Alison Gates.
A Message from Jeff Bezos
Space Station Broadcast
Ella Mai performs Boo'd Up
Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che
50s Sleepover   A takeoff of the "Beauty School Dropout" song from the film "Grease"
Ella Mai performs Trip
RV Life
Space Thanksgiving


A crew of astronauts (Steve Carell, Beck Bennett, Leslie Jones, and Cecily Strong) have Thanksgiving dinner with an alien couple (Kenan Thompson and Melissa Villaseñor) only to discover that part of the food is actually alive (Pete Davidson via green screen).

The sketch went sideways early on. Originally, the sketch was supposed to end with Carell's character, horrified, shooting both aliens with a ray gun that lay on the table. However, just as Kenan and Melissa entered, the gun was knocked to the floor and out of reach of the actors, causing an audible sound and giggles among those present. Unable to end the sketch, Carell improvised nonchalantly eating the food, and Davidson ad-libbing an appropriate line. The camera shot was switched to Davidson; however, the graphics were not ready and he appeared superimposed over a black background. Repeats of the episode, as well as internet copies, fixed the missing graphic, trimmed a shot of Kenan and Melissa where Melissa visibly reacts, and cleaned up the ending.
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