SNL Aidy Bryant - Morgan; Cecily Strong - Kyra
Occupation: Co-host of Girlfriends Talk Show
Catch Phrase(s): "I don't know!"
"No, you should be called Roach Warehouse!"
Appearance(s): November 10, 2012
January 19, 2013
Portrayer(s): Aidy Bryant

Morgan is a character on Saturday Night Live played by Aidy Bryant who is one of the hosts of the "Girlfriends Talk Show" sketch, along with Kyra.

In the sketch, she is always surprised to find out that Kyra has invited her new and impressively cool friend to join them. Kyra's new friend always rudely dismisses her contributions, making her increasingly insecure and upset.

This is also Aidy Bryant's first recurring character on the show.
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