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Colleen Rafferty aka Miss Rafferty is a character played by Kate McKinnon, part of the Close Encounter series of sketches. In each instance, she has been abducted by aliens with two others (played by Cecily Strong and the episode's host), but had a less-stellar experience than the others.

She often alludes to her nether regions in a rhyming fashion, such as "my cooter and my tooter" and "my grassy knoll and my gassy hole."

When Liev Schreiber hosted and did the Close Encounter Skit in 2018 (called "Paranormal Encounter"), Ms.Rafferty reveal she’s only 27 years old, much to the surprise of the interviewing scientists. She also reveals in that episode that she was pregnant as a surrogate.

The May 21, 2022 episode cold opens with the sketch. As it was McKinnon's final episode as a cast member, Rafferty boards an alien ship as a sendoff to Kate.