May 17, 2008
Season 33 episode
SNL Steve Carell
Episode 636
Season Episode 12
Host Steve Carell
Musical Guest(s) Usher
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "This Ain't Sex"
"Love in This Club"
Previous Episode May 10, 2008
Next Episode September 13, 2008

The 636th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Steve Carell with musical guest Usher.

Season 33 Finale.

Sketches Edit

    • 2008 Graduation Ceremony, Students with Inappropriate Names (Cold Opening)
    • Monologue (Nancy Carell)
    • Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel (Armisen) with Disapproving Father (Forte); uncooperative suitcase girl (Wiig) (Show)
    • Ricky Gervais talks Origin of The Office (Digital Short)
    • John McCain 2008 Election Campaign (John McCain) (Show)
    • Weekend Update with Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler; Senator John McCain (himself); Rev Jesse Jackson & Rev Al Sharpton (Thompson; Hammond)
    • The Charlie Flitt Show (Show)
    • CPR Class; Overly aggressive Instructor (Show)
    • New Parents prayer for Little One; sing Bless This Child (Carell; Wiig) (Show)
    • Goodnights
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May 10, 2008
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September 13, 2008
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