March 26, 1977
Season 2 episode
Episode 41
Season Episode 17
Host Jack Burns
Musical Guest(s) Santana
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Black Woman Magic"
"Gypsy Woman"
Previous Episode March 19, 1977
Next Episode April 9, 1977

The episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Jack Burns with musical guest Santana. This was the first episode to carry the name "Saturday Night Live".


The Not Ready For Primetime PlayersEdit


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Title Image Summary
John's Demands Johns-demands-3-26-77 Having not been given the opportunity to open the show until now, John Belushi holds the sketch hostage and requests that a list of his demands be met before he says the opening line.
Jack Burn's Monologue Jack-burns-monologue-3-26-77 Jack Burns fulfills the desire to touch himself on national television.
The Farbers Meet The Coneheads The-farbers-meet-the-coneheads-3-26-77 Larry (John Belushi) and Bobbi Farber (Gilda Radner) invite their new neighbors, The Coneheads, over for dinner.
Santana Performs "Black Magic Woman" Santana-performs-black-magic-woman-3-26-77
Marine Wedding Marine-wedding-3-26-77 Marine Sergeant Wee Boyd (Dan Aykroyd) and his bride, Private Kathleen Lizetti (Jane Curtin), endure a military wedding service.
A Town Without Pity A-town-without-pity-3-26-77 Eliot Ness (Dan Aykroyd) is called in to take India from Indira Gandhi's (Laraine Newman) hands, as is the will of the people
Weekend Update With Jane Curtin Weekend-update-3-26-77 Jane Curtin invites a cardboard cutout of Harry Reasoner to join her at the Weekend Update desk. Jane announces this year's Oscar winners based on results stolen from the Price-Waterhouse accounting firm.
Leech-Tab 100   A pharmicist (Dan Aykroyd) prescribes leeches as the old-fashioned headache remedy.
The Story Of The Squatters The-story-of-the-squaters-3-26-77 Early American crouchers settle the frontier for their clan.
Executive Suicide Executive-suicide-3-26-77 A sketch about a business executive (Jack Burns) who commits suicide is ruined when Jack Burns forgets to duck after jumping through the window.
Jack Burns Is Rocky Jack-burns-is-rocky-3-26-77 Jack Burns trains to be like "Rocky", in a film by Gary Weis.
Ask Big Daddy Ask-big-daddy-3-26-77 As a follow-up to "Ask President Carter", Walter Cronkite (Bill Murray) interviews Idi Amin (Garrett Morris), who is quiet about a recent massacre.
Mirage Mirage-3-26-77 In a short film, a vending machine appears in the desert.
Pantygrams Pantygrams-3-26-77 Richardo Montalban (Dan Aykroyd) endorses the underwear message service.
Santana Performs "Europa" Santana-performs-europa-3-26-77
Drunk Comedy Writer Drunk-comedy-writer-3-26-77 Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin meet washed-up comedy writer Gags Beasley (Jack Burns) in a bar, and listen to some of his stale jokes.
Goodnights Goodnights-3-26-77
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