March 19, 1977
 Season 2 episode
Episode 40
Season Episode 16
Host Broderick Crawford
Musical Guest(s) Levon Helm
Dr. John
The Meters
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) Levon Helm:
"Ain't That A Lot Of Love"
Dr. John:
"Sing Sing Sing"
The Meters:
"I Got To Get My Name Up In Lights"
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March 12, 1977
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March 26, 1977

The 40th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Broderick Crawford with musical guests Levon Helm, Dr. John and The Meters. This is the last episode that carry's the title NBC's Saturday Night.

Cast[edit | edit source]

The Not Ready For Primetime Players[edit | edit source]

Sketches[edit | edit source]

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Title Image Summary
Goodbye Saccharine Goodbye-saccharine-3-19-77.jpg Rhonda Weiss (Gilda Radner) and the Rhondettes (Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin, Linda Ronstadt) perform.
Broderick Crawford Monologue Broderick-crawford-monologue-3-19-77.jpg Broderick Crawford recalls his firing from NBC thirty-seven years earlier.
Samurai Hit Man Samurai-hit-man-3-19-77.jpg The mob hires Futaba (John Belushi) to pose as a Benihana chef and perform a hit.
Broderick Crawford In New York Broderick-crawford-in-new-york-3-19-77.jpg Broderick Crawford revisits his old neighborhood, in a film by Gary Weis.
Mel's Hide Heaven Mels-hide-heaven-3-19-77.jpg Mel (Dan Aykroyd) shows you how to make your own leather clothing from the cows he supplies.
Dr. John Performs "Sing, Sing, Sing" Dr-john-performs-sing-sing-sing-3-19-77.jpg
The New Guy The-new-guy-3-19-77.jpg New cast member Bill Murray admits that he's not very funny and wonders if he's making it on the show.
Lucy's New Job Lucys-new-job-3-19-77.jpg Lucy (Gilda Radner) is hired to put whipped cream on the tops of nuclear warheads coming down a speedy conveyor belt.
Weekend Update With Jane Curtin Weekend-update-3-19-77.jpg Garrett Morris reports from the vacant Black Governor's Convention. John Belushi explores the luck of the Irish via his trademark rant.
Puppy Uppers/Doggy Downers Puppy-uppers-doggie-downers-11-13-76.jpg The right mix of uppers and downers keeps your dog peppy and under control.
Highway Patrol Highway-patrol-3-19-77.jpg Captain Matthews (Broderick Crawford) and a pair of Siamese priests (Bill Murray, John Belushi) avert a hostage situation between Siamese twin sisters (Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin).
Baba Wawa At Large Baba-wawa-at-large-3-19-77.jpg Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner) conducts an interview with Godzilla (John Belushi).
Levon Helm Performs "Ain't That A Lot Of Love" Levon-helm-performs-3-19-77.jpg
The Huston Plan The-huston-plan-3-19-77.jpg Richard Nixon (Dan Aykroyd) seeks support from J. Edgar Hoover (Broderick Crawford).
The Meters perform "I Got To Get My Name Up In Lights" The-meters-perform-3-19-77.jpg
Goodnights Goodnights-3-19-77.jpg
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