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Linda Richman is a character from Saturday Night Live, performed by Mike Myers. She is the host of Coffee Talk, a fictitious discussion program.

Details of interest[]

Myers modeled his performances as the fictitious Richman on his then real-life mother-in-law, who is actually named Linda Richman and is of Jewish extraction. In lampooning his then mother-in-law, Myers would exaggerate her Brooklyn accent, pronouncing the catch-phrase "like butter" as "like buttah," and pepper "her" speech with Yiddish or pseudo-Yiddish words.

The real Richman considers Barbra Streisand one of her real-life heroes, and on one sketch when Roseanne Barr and Madonna were appearing as another Jewish mother and her daughter, the three had just echoed the "like buttah" catch-phrase when all of a sudden, Streisand popped up on the set behind the three of them, and her voice could be heard saying, "All this talk about food, I'm getting hungry, girls." Myers's Richman lampoon, Barr, and Madonna promptly freaked out at her presence, none of them breaking character. The real Richman was in the audience that night to watch her then son-in-law, and she later acknowledged having been "tickled to death."

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