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The Landshark was Chevy Chase's only original character during his tenure on SNL. In a sketch, the shark would knock on the door of a single woman's apartment, and would claim to deliver something (often a candygram). After several fails, the victim would eventually be convinced enough to open the door, only for the shark head to emerge forward and eat his prey.

The Landshark was the star of his first two sketches: "Jaws II" and "Jaws III" in the Candace Bergen and Lilly Tomlin episodes, respectively. Each attack was followed by a reaction from Sheriff Brady (Dan Aykroyd) and Matt Cooper (John Belushi)–themselves parodies of Jaws characters Chief Brody and Matt Hooper.

The Landshark would afterwards appear as cameos in other sketches, including Louise Lasser's monologue, a Halloween cold opening, a sketch about Charles Lindburgh, and on Weekend Update where he eats Tina Fey.