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Jean K. Jean is a recurring character on Saturday Night Live played by Kenan Thompson who appears on the Weekend Update segment.


He is the most popular comedian on the French version of Def Comedy Jam, but speaks perfect English and has an act that consists of Americanized urban quips and zings. The punchline of these zings incorporate French words or references. Once accomplishing the zing, he shouts "Zut Alors!," stands up, and grooves to a hip-hop beat, waits three seconds and gives the cut-off hand signal (swift hand movement across the neck). The music stops sharply on his cue, he sits back down, and shouts "Incroyable!" His attire consists of various outfits, but the only stereotypical French items appearing in all of his appearances is a beret and a scarf.

Jean K. Jean is occasionally introduced as being from Paris but according to one segment he claims to be from Marseille.