January 17, 1976
Season 1 episode
Episode 10
Season Episode 10
Host Buck Henry
Musical Guest(s) Bill Withers & Toni Basil
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers
"Wham" by Toni Basil
Previous Episode January 10, 1976
Next Episode January 24, 1976

The tenth episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Buck Henry with musical guest Bill Withers and Toni Basil.



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Title Image Summary
Suicide Hotline Suicide-hotline-1-17-76 Suicide operator (Chevy Chase) fails to save caller's life and falls to the floor after stepping out of the room for a minute.
Buck Henry's Monologue Buck-henrys-monologue-1-17-76 After admitting that he wasn't the first choice to host this week's show, a list of other people asked to host scrolls over Buck Henry's speech.
Samurai Delicatessen Samurai-delicatessen-1-17-76 Mr. Dantley (Henry) orders a sandwich from Futaba (John Belushi).
Presidential Foreplay Presidential-foreplay-1-17-76 Jane Curtin interviews Linda Louise (Gilda Radner), the latest woman who claims to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy while he was in office.
Operation: Stumblebum Operation-stumblebum-1-17-76 President Gerald R. Ford (Chevy Chase) takes a meeting with one of his advisors (Buck Henry). To distract from his clumsy behavior during speeches, Secret Service agents will join him on his falls to the floor.
Bill Withers Performs "Ain't No Sunshine" Bill-withers-perform-aint-no-sunshine-1-17-76 Bill Withers performs "Ain't No Sunshine".
Evelyn Woodski Speed Reader School Evelyn-woodski-speed-reader-school-1-17-76 Evelyn Woodski (Laraine Newman) can read fast, but not very well.
Weekend Update With Chevy Chase Weekend-update-1-17-76 Midnight call leads Chevy Chase to Angola janitor at 6 AM. Chevy makes faces during Henry Zuckerman's (Buck Henry) anti-masturbation editorial. Chevy repeats the top story for deceased viewers.
Germasol Air Freshener Germasol-air-freshener-1-17-76 the oversized air freshener is perfect for covering old dinner smells in a woman's (Gilda Radner) apartment.
Citizen Kane II Citizen-kane-ii-1-17-76 In odd sequel, Mr. Thompson (Buck Henry) learns of Charles Foster Kane's (Dan Aykroyd) other last words.
The Muppets The-muppets-1-17-76 Scred and Peuta try to operate their new sex toy from Japan.
Triple-Trac Triple-trac-10-11-75 The three-blade razor is designed for people who'll believe anything they see.
Tony Basil Performs "Wham Re-Bop Boom Bam" Tony-basil-performs-wham-re-bop-boom-bam-1-17-76 Tony Basil Performs "Wham Re-Bop Boom Bam".
Auto Mechanic Bedtime Story Auto-mechanic-bedtime-story-1-17-76 An auto machanic (Dan Aykroyd) tells his daughter (Gilda Radner) car-related bedtime stories.
Why Drugs Are Called "Dope" Why-drugs-are-called-dope-1-17-76 A drug user (Chevy Chase) demonstrates why drugs are referred to as "dope" when he misuses a joint.
Gary Weis Film Gary-weis-film-1-17-76 Buck Henry takes to the streets of Irvington, New York to find the town's funniest person.
"King Bee" King-bee-1-17-76 Blues Brothers Jake (John Belushi) & Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) perform "King Bee" with SNL Band.
Mike Douglass Impression Mike-douglass-impression-1-17-76 Mr. Mike (Michael O'Donoghue) does an impression of Mike Douglas with needles in his eyes.
Wrigley's Gum Wrigleys-gum-10-25-75 The gum good enough to be enjoyed by the deceased.
American Constipation Society American-constipation-society-1-17-76 Fred (Buck Henry) feels uncomfortable when his neighbors joke about his constipation problem.
Goodnights Goodnights-1-17-76
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