Jamie Lee Curtis 6
Jamie Lee Curtis
Born: November 22, 1958
Time on SNL: As Host:
December 13, 1980
February 18, 1984

April 12, 2008
January 10, 2009
March 7, 2009
Impersonated by:
Kristen Wiig

Jamie Lee Haden-Guest (née Curtis) hosted SNL twice during the early eighties. during the first time, she was known as a Scream Queen, having starred in the original Halloween (1978), it's sequel and several other horror pictures. At the time of her second appearance, time she was co-starring with then current cast member Eddie Murphy and former Not Ready for Prime Time Player Dan Aykroyd in the motion picture comedy Trading Places.

Curtis is the daughter of Hollywood legends Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. She married Christopher Guest on December 18, 1984, at which time he was cast member on Saturday Night Live (during Season 11). They have two adopted children. Guest inherited the title of the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, making Jamie Lee a baroness. However, she feels this title has 'nothing to do with her'.



Kristen Wiig as Jamie Lee Curtis on the April 12, 2008 show

More recently, Kristen Wiig impersonated Jamie Lee Curtis in three episodes of Saturday Night Live, mostly poking fun at her Activia yogurt commercials.


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