SNL Green Day
Green Day
Members: Billie Joe Armstrong
Mike Dirnt
Tré Cool
Jason White
Time on SNL: December 3, 1994
April 9, 2005
May 16, 2009

Green Day is an American punk rock band from East Bay, California formed in 1987 consisting of lead vocalist, main songwriter and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong (born February 17, 1972); bassist, backing vocalist and co-founder Michael "Mike" Dirnt (born May 4, 1972); drummer Frank "Tré Cool" Wright III (born December 9, 1972) and guitarist and backing vocalist Jason White (born November 11, 1973).

They appeared on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest on December 3, 1994 where they performed "When I Come Around" and "Geek Stink Breath," on April 9, 2005 where they performed "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Holiday" and on May 16, 2009 where they performed "Know Your Enemy," "21 Guns" and "East Jesus Nowhere" during the credits.


  • During their performance of "Geek Stink Breath," the word "shit" in the line "Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets filled first" was left uncensored because it was unintelligible to the censors.
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