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Goth Talk was a recurring sketch aired since April 12, 1997 until November 4, 2000.

In some ways similar to Wayne's World, Goth Talk took the format of a public access channel broadcast hosted by two teen subculture fans and shot in one of the host's parent's basement.

The regular hosts of Goth Talk were Azrael Abyss (Chris Kattan) and Circe Nightshade (Molly Shannon), a pair of high school age goth punks living in the suburbs of Tampa Bay Florida. Azrael's birth name is Tod, though he hates when other people call him that.

Goth Talk would start with a snippet of the song Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus. Circe and Azrael would typically interview some other minor figure from the Central Florida Gothic scene while trying to overplay their own morose or spooky qualities, often to have the effect quickly shattered by the contrast of their sundry teenage middle class existence. Frequently they would get into some petty scene-drama with their guests. This drama would usually end with someone's early teen/pre-teen linens being aired (often by video tape or embarrassing photo), showing that just a few short years ago the goths were dorky, cheerful, mainstream and very much the opposite of goth or punk.

This is not to suggest that they are not currently dorky. It is implied that Azrael is frequently pranked or bullied in school. The show is sometimes interrupted by Azrael's brother Glen (Jim Breuer), a drunken idiot a few years older than Azrael.

After the atmosphere and format of the show had fully disintegrated the two hosts would turn the mood lighting back on and deliver their parting signature phrase "Stay out of the Daylight."