The Gap Girls is a recurring sketch on SNL. It's about three girls name Cindy Crawford, Christy Henderson and Lucy Brawn that work at Gap but they don't take their job seriously. The three girls would joke around and have fun. They would even ignore customers, talk about their problems with boys and dating. The three girls would also go out to eat and run into their rival group who is led by their arch enemy Tracy that works at a donut stand.

Out of all the Gap Girls, Cindy is reveal to be the boss. The Gap Girls also made appearances on Celebrity Jeopardy as well or as they call it Gapardy. As they argue with a former Gap girl, Debbie Luciano.

The sketch was arguably best known for when the girls were eating lunch, and Cindy helps herself to some French fries. When being asked about staying in shape, Chris Farley's voice went from a Valley girl falsetto to a deep, possessed voice akin to his ultra-masculine characters (such as the weather wrestler, El Nino and Norman Schwartzkoph) "LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING!". As was the case with many Farley sketches, Adam Sandler and David Spade broke character by laughing, or trying extremely hard not to grin.

The sketch also was memorable with another sketch, where Melanie Hutsell, in her character as one of the Tri-Delts, is an unsatisified customer with the Gap Girls.

The Gap Girls
Catch Phrase(s): "Lay off me, I'm starving!"
Appearance(s): Season 19 - Episode 11
Portrayer(s): Chris Farley, David Spade and Adam Sandler.


  • The Gap Girls in Arizona
  • The Gap Girls and Todd
  • The Gap Girls at Tater Junction
  • Gapardy




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