Gail Matthius (born January 14, 1953) was an SNL cast member on season 6, including the April 11, 1981 episode, and was a Weekend Update anchor. Since SNL, she is known primarily for voice work, including Tiny Toons, where she voiced "Shirley the Loon" and several other characters, and Bobby's World, where she voiced Martha Generic, Bobby's mother.

Matthius now performs with the Spolin Players comedy troupe.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Francis Lively
  • Roweena
  • Vickie

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Charles Rocket alone
Weekend Update Anchor with Charles Rocket
(January 10, 1981 - February 21, 1981)
Followed by:
Mark King, Bill Murray, and Charles Rocket as Saturday Night NewsLine anchor
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