George Edward "G.E." Smith is a former musical director from Saturday Night Live. Prior to SNL, Smith was the lead guitarist in the backup band for Hall & Oates, and he appeared with them when they were the musical guests on the February 27, 1982 episode. He has also led Bob Dylan's backing band. Smith joined SNL and became co-musical director for season 12, and he remained until the large cast turnover following season 20. During the entire time, he was co-musical director with Cheryl Hardwick; he also served as live band conductor from season 17 until his departure when Leroy Pendarvis was on hiatus from the Saturday Night Live Band. Smith and the bandmembers have sometimes appeared alongside the cast in sketches that involves music, such as blues clubs, hoedowns, square dances, et cetera.

Smith was the bandleader for the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.[1]

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