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The Five-Timers Club is a club for celebrity guest hosts that have hosted Saturday Night Live at least 5 times.


The Five-Timers Club first appeared in the December 8, 1990 episode, the eighth episode of Season 16 that was hosted by actor Tom Hanks. After talking about having the guest hosting duties of SNL five times, Tom Hanks states that the fifth time is when the guest host gets a membership card into the Five-Timers Club. After Hanks gave his monologue, the show segued to a sketch featuring Hanks, Steve Martin, Elliott Gould, and Paul Simon in the richly appointed club. The Five-Timers Club was mentioned to have a swimming pool with perfect 80-degree waters as Elliott had just gotten out of it. The food that is served there is named after well-known SNL performers like Joe Piscopo, Chevy Chase, and Anthony Michael Hall. Conan O'Brien (who at that time was a writer on SNL and not a well-known public figure) portrayed the doorman of the "club" named Sean. Former cast member Jon Lovitz appears as a club waiter. Ralph Nader appears as a former SNL host trying to get into the Five-Timers Club only for Jon to tell him and his group to leave. The scene ended with Tom Hanks using the red phone to send word to the stage that would close out the monologue.

The second time the Five-Timers Club was mentioned was when Danny DeVito was inducted in 1999. It was actually his sixth time hosting, but apparently, they did not count the show he co-hosted with his wife Rhea Perlman. The Club was mentioned again after the mark was reached by Alec Baldwin (in 1994), John Goodman (in 1994), Christopher Walken (in 2001), Drew Barrymore (in 2007), Justin Timberlake (in 2013), Ben Affleck (2013), Scarlett Johansson (2017), Melissa McCarthy (2017), Dwayne Johnson (2017), Jonah Hill (2018), Paul Rudd (2021), John Mulaney (2022), Woody Harrelson (2023), and Emma Stone (2023).

Another monologue that mentioned the Five-Timers Club but did not show it was when John Goodman hosted his seventh time on the March 16, 1996 episode, where upon his monologue was shown as a theme of the number seven where he was given a throne and mock crown and scepter, along with a glass of 7-Up. Goodman remarked "This reminds me of my movie King Ralph, which as I recall, seven people went to see!"

On November 11, 2006, the fifth episode of Season 32, Steve Martin invited Alec Baldwin into the even more exclusive Platinum Lounge, whose membership is reserved for twelve-time hosts such as them and John Goodman.

On March 9, 2013, the sixteenth episode of Season 38, Justin Timberlake hosted SNL for the fifth time, and he reached this spot. Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, and Candice Bergen were seen in this appearance. Dan Aykroyd made a cameo as a bartender which was the best that Steve could do for him having only hosted the show once and having to keep his chatting to a minimum. Steve gave Dan a $1.00 tip for the drinks. Martin Short appeared as a waiter when he showed up near Steve Martin and Chevy Chase. Mike O'Brien (who hasn't become a cast member yet) makes an appearance as the doorman who greets Justin. There are portraits of John Goodman and Drew Barrymore in the Five-Timers Club's Hall of Portraits, and the members share one bathroom as commented by Candice Bergen. The entertainment at the Five-Timers Club involves making the SNL performers fight each other to the death as seen when Bobby Moynihan was fighting his castmate Taran Killam.

The third time when the Five-Timers Club is seen on the November 3, 2018 episode, the fourth episode of Season 44, when Jonah Hill reached his fifth time hosting duty. Tina Fey, Drew Barrymore, and Candice Bergen were the ones who welcomed him as most of the male members were unavailable to appear.

The club has been spoofed by SNL itself. During her fourth appearance as host on the April 13, 2019 episode, the eighteenth episode of Season 44, Emma Stone anticipated "Four-Timers Club" honors in her monologue.[citation needed]

The club was seen again on the February 26, 2022 episode, the thirteenth episode of Season 47, when John Mulaney hosted the show for the fifth time. In the sketch, Mulaney is greeted by Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, and Tina Fey. Paul Rudd was the last person to host for the fifth time, although his show was affected due to the rise of Omicron cases, which resulted in a reduced cast and no audience. The sketch also featured an appearance by Elliott Gould, which was his first appearance in 15 years on the show, along with a surprise appearance from Conan O'Brien, who appeared in the first Five Timers club sketch as a doorman when Tom Hanks hosted for his fifth time back in season 16.

On February 25, 2023, the thirteenth episode of Season 48, when Woody Harrelson hosted SNL for the fifth time and Jack White performed for his 5th musical guest stint, as well as his 4th solo musical guest appearance. During the goodnights, Kenan Thompson and Scarlett Johansson welcome both Woody Harrelson and Jack White to the Five-Timers Club and presenting their very own five-timers jackets.

The next person to be inducted into the Five-Timers Club was Emma Stone, who was given a jacket by fellow-Five Timers Tina Fey and Candice Bergen.

Chevy Chase was the first former SNL cast member to both host the show and join the Five-Timers Club. This was subsequently done by Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, and Kristen Wiig (who achieved this milestone on April 6, 2024).

John Mulaney is the only former writer to make the Five-Timers Club.


The Five-Timers Club includes all people who have hosted the show at least five times.


  • Paul Simon has been included in several sketches centered on the Five-Timers Club. He has only hosted four times but has also appeared eight times as musical guest and five as a special guest.
  • Tina Fey's fifth time hosting was a dual episode with her former Weekend Update co-anchor, Amy Poehler.

Others with many appearances[]

There have been others with many appearances, but are not yet confirmed if they are members of the Five-Timers Club or not:

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