February 7, 1981
Season 6 episode
Sally Kellerman 6
Jimmy Cliff 6
Episode 115
Season Episode 9
Host Sally Kellerman
Musical Guest(s) Jimmy Cliff
Sally Kellerman
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "I Am The Living"
"Gone Clear"
"Starting Over Again"
Previous Episode January 24, 1981
Next Episode February 14, 1981

The 115th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Sally Kellerman with musical guest Jimmy Cliff. It was the first episode with Eddie Murphy credited as a repertory player.


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Title Image Summary
Message from President Reagan   President Reagan (Charles Rocket) speaks to the audience. Then-writer and future cast member Terry Sweeney appears as Ron Reagan Jr.
Monologue by Sally Kellerman
Rocket Report
Italian Audition   A stereotypical Italian-American man (Gilbert Gottfried) auditions for a talent scout (Sally Kellerman) with his parents (Charles Rocket and Ann Risley) and grandmother (Denny Dillon) present.
Name That Sin   A fake game show, with Charles Rocket as host, and Ann Risley and Eddie Murphy as guests.
Ear, Nose, and Throat
Was I Ever Red
Iranian Joke Book
Jimmy Cliff performs "I Am The Living"
Weekend Update with Charles Rocket & Gail Matthius
Parent & Child
A Day in the Life of a Hostage
Lean Acres
Jimmy Cliff performs "Gone Clear"
Iranian Student Council
New York   A C.F. Bressler film done in claymation.
Pillow Pets
TV Court
Sally Kellerman performs "Starting Over Again"
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January 24, 1981
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February 14, 1981
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