February 28, 2015
Season 40 episode
Dakota Johnson 40
Alabama Shakes 40
Episode 780
Season Episode 14
Host Dakota Johnson
Musical Guest(s) Alabama Shakes
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Don't Wanna Fight"
"Gimme All Your Love"
Previous Episode January 31, 2015
Next Episode March 7, 2015

The 780th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Dakota Johnson with musical guest Alabama Shakes.





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Title Image Summary
Real Story With Gretchen Carlson   Calrson (Vanessa Bayer) interviews Rudy Giuliani (Taran Killam) in a parody mashup of "Real Story" and the movie "Birdman". With Kyle Mooney, Sasheer Zamata, Bobby Moynihan, Dakota Johnson, and Beck Bennett (who also provides Giuliani's interior monologue).
Monologue by Dakota Johnson   An audience Q&A with Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, and Johnson's real-life parents Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.
ISIS Camry commercial   A parody of a Toyota commercial from the previous SuperBowl, with Dakota Johnson, Taran Killam, and Kyle Mooney. This sketch garnered significant news coverage, with all major networks covering the outrage in the following days. Killam stated on Twitter that he was proud of the sketch.[1]
Cinderella   A parody of the tale of Cinderella, with Cecily Strong's recurring character Cathy Ann. With Taran Killam, Dakota Johnson, Bobby Moynihan, Kyle Mooney, and Cecily Strong.
Say What You Wanna Say   A PSA for people saying what they feel, set to the tune of Sara Bareilles's "Brave". With Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Dakota Johnson, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, Vanessa Bayer, Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson, Sasheer Zamata, and Bobby Moynihan.
Fifty Shades of Gray Press Conference   Dakota Johnson gives interviews for the upcoming movie, including to an innapropriately young interviewer. With Kate McKinnon, Taran Killam, and Kyle Mooney.
Interns   With Dakota Johnson, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant.
Alabama Shakes performs
Weekend Update with Michael Che and Colin Jost   With Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Kate McKinnon), Kanye West (Jay Pharoah with Sasheer Zamata) and Riblet (Bobby Moynihan).
Worf MD   A doctor (Kenan Thompson) shows up dressed as Worf from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" when he has to come straight from a convention. With Dakota Johnson, Leslie Jones, Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, and Pete Davidson. After the sketch, a picture of recently-deceased Leonard Nimoy as Spock was superimposed with his catchphrase "Ling Long and Prosper".
Net Effect   Host Jennifer Owens (Sasheer Zamata) interviews Samantha Shepard (Dakota Johnson), Chris Konko (Pete Davidson), Mark Falanga (Bobby Moynihan), Veronica Davis (Leslie Jones), and Vincent Cerf (Taran Killam).
Alabama Shakes performs
Mr. Riot Films production   Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney produce a short featuring hidden camera reactions.
Goodbyes   During the credits, a camera show shows Don Johnson in the audience giving a Vulcan salute.
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