February 18, 2012
Season 37 episode
SNL Maya Rudolph 2012
SNL Sleigh Bells
Episode 717
Season Episode 15
Host Maya Rudolph
Musical Guest(s) Sleigh Bells
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Comeback Kid"
"End of the Line"
Previous Episode February 11, 2012
Next Episode March 3, 2012

The 717th episode of Saturday Night Live aired on February 18, 2012. It was hosted by former SNL cast member Maya Rudolph and the musical guest was Sleigh Bells, who performed "Comeback Kid" and "End of the Line."


  • New York Sports Now (Cold Opening)
  • Bronx Beat (Show)
  • Maya Angelou's: I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs! (Commercial)
  • Baby Blue Ivy
  • What Up With That? (Show)
  • Super Showcase (Gameshow)
  • The Obama Show (Show)
  • How's He Doing? (Show)



  • One of Rudolph's bumper shoots pays homage to her late mother and soul and R&B singer Minnie Riperton from her album Perfect Angel.
  • Paul Simon appeared in the opening monologue.
  • Amy Poehler returned to reprise her role as Betty Caruso in the "Bronx Beat" sketch and appeared on the Weekend Update segment for another installment of "Really?!?!" and to resume her co-anchor duties, and reprised her role as Hillary Rodham Clinton in the "The Obama Show" sketch.
  • Justin Timberlake also appeared in the "Bronx Beat" sketch and impersonated Justin Vernon in the "Baby Blue Ivy" sketch. Timberlake was also holding an "I ♥ Bon Iver" cardboard sign during the goodnights.
  • Political commentator Bill O'Reilly and model Kate Upton appeared on the "What Up With That?" sketch.
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