Emily Litella is a Weekend Update correspondent, performed by Gilda Radner.. Her character is an old lady who lacks a hearing aid, and gets botched up on her editorial replies. Originally, Chevy Chase would introduce Litella (stating Weekend Update is responsible for posting editorial replies, when they feel like it); after he left the show, Jane Curtin introduced Emily.

Litella's speeches would start like "What's all this FUSS I hear about an EAGLE rights amendment?" Then she would continue her rambling until someone stops her and corrects her. Litella would then lightly say "Never mind"

While Chevy took it nice and calm, Curtin was more cross at her for her lack of hearing. Litella would promise not to do it again, and then sneaks in a "B****!"

Litella is notable for being the very first Update correspondent, and she was the only person to appear on Update besides Chase for much of the first season.

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