SNL Casey Wilson as Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Air Date(s): November 11, 1978
April 9, 1983
December 11, 1993
February 1, 2001
February 15, 2003
December 6, 2003
February 19, 2005
February 14, 2009
Impersonator(s): John Belushi
Joan Rivers
Sally Field
Molly Shannon
Rachel Dratch
Casey Wilson

Dame Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) was a British-American actress. From her early years as a child star with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age. As one of the world's most famous film stars, Taylor was recognized for her acting ability and for her glamorous lifestyle, beauty, and distinctive violet eyes. She retired from acting in 2003 only 8 years before she died.

Although she had never been on Saturday Night Live, she has been impersonated by John Belushi on the November 11, 1978 during Weekend Update. Joan Rivers was the first SNL Host to impersonate Taylor on the April 9, 1983 episode during the "Calvin Klein Jeans" sketch and Sally Field was the second SNL Host also to impersonate her too in the December 11, 1993 episode during the "White Diamonds" sketch. She was impersonated again on the show by Molly Shannon in Primetime Time Extra 1 on the February 1, 2001 during Weekend Update. It was 3 times Rachel Dratch impersonated her on the February 15, 2003 episode during the "Michael Jackson in a Tree" sketch. The December 6, 2003 episode during the "Michael Jackson in a Roller Coaster" sketch and finally the February 19, 2005 during the "Neverland Ranch" sketch. Casey Wilson on the February 14, 2009 episode during the "Vincent Price's Valentine's Day Special".



  • As Molly Shannon was one of those impersonaters, she is most known playing Mary Katherine Gallagher. It has said on the October 28, 1995 episode and the film Superstar, this character is described as a young Elizabeth Taylor.
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