Don Novello is a former SNL cast member. He made appearances, but was but not a regular, during Saturday Night Live's forth and fifth seasons, and later became official during the 80's.

Father Guido Sarducchi[edit | edit source]

Novello is known for his character Father Guido Sarducchi, who has been a regular on the Weekend Update sketch, and other sketches. Sarducchi's first appearance was with Richard Dreyfus, and demonstrated the audience how to pay for their sins. After which, he made later appearances on Weekend Update, usually making references to the Pope.

Examples of Sarducchi's Weekend Update appearances include:

  • (Steve Martin and Blondie) Father Sarducchi announces the commencement of the "Find the Popes in the Pizza" contest.
  • (Buck Henry and Tom Petty) Father Sarducchi reaches into a box and announces the winner of the contest.
  • (Steve Martin, 3-D, and Paul and Linda McCartney) Also in the cold opening and a later sketch, Father Sarducchi is sent to London to wake up Paul McCartney for an interview. First he tried throwing coins at his window, and then serenading him with Beatles tunes, and finally, throwing a rock at the window.

Appearances outside Weekend Update incluse

  • (Richard Dreyfuss) Father Sarducchi, on crutches, tells the audiences that sins are literally costly.
  • (Rodney Dangerfield) Father Sarducchi, with an italian family, comes into Dangerfield's dressing room.

Novello's arrest[edit | edit source]

In the late 80's, Novello was performing a photoshoot as Sarducchi, but he was arrested for "impersonating a preist", along with his photographer, who gave the wrong film to the police. The charges were later dropped, and Novello was released.

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