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 December 7, 2013
 Season 39 episode
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 Episode 753
 Season Episode 8
 Host Paul Rudd
 Musical Guest(s) One Direction
 Song(s) performed by
 Musical Guest(s)
"Story of My Life"
"Through the Dark"
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The 753rd episode and eighth episode of Saturday Night Live's 39th season first aired on December 7, 2013. It was hosted by Paul Rudd and the musical guest was One Direction, who performed "Story of My Life" and "Through the Dark," and appeared in the opening monologue and the "Dan Charles" sketch. This is Paul Rudd's 3rd time hosting, and One Direction's 2nd musical guest appearance on the show.


  • Bill Brasky
  • Dan Charles (Pretaped Sketch)
  • Weekend Update
  • The Lawrence Welk Show
  • The Sound of Music Condensed (Cold Open)
  • Politics Nation
  • Divorce Meeting
  • Michalangelo's David
  • White Christmas (Pretaped Sketch) 
  • Santa's Elves 
  • 28 Miles Away





  • One Direction performs "Story of My Life" and "Through the Dark" and appears in the opening monologue and in the pre-taped "Dan Charles" sketch.
  • Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen appear in the cold open reprising their characters from "The Lawrence Welk Show" sketches.
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