December 3, 2016
 Season 42 episode
Episode 816
Season Episode 8
Host Emma Stone
Musical Guest(s) Shawn Mendes
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Mercy"
"Treat You Better"
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The 816th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Emma Stone with musical guest Shawn Mendes.

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Cameos by Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Aniston

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Title Image Summary
Classroom Cold Open
President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) interrupts a security briefing to retweet people (Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney, Bobby Moynihan).
Monologue by Emma Stone
Host Emma Stone explains why returning to SNL is like revisiting high school.
High School Theatre Show
Students (Emma Stone, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon, Mikey Day) at Woodbridge High School stage an avant-garde theater show that addresses Black Lives Matter.
The Christmas Candle
There's another Christmas savior besides Jesus Christ.
A boy's (Pete Davidson) posters (Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon, Emma Stone, Kenan Thompson) come to life to encourage him to stay in school.
The Hunt For Hil
Two investigators (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) search for Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) in the woods of Chappaqua.
Shawn Mendes Performs "Mercy"
Musical guest Shawn Mendes performs "Mercy".
Weekend Update With Colin Jost And Michael Che
Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, including Donald Trump's call with the president of Taiwan. Leslie Jones stops by to discuss women's sexual satisfaction in relationships. Other news, a pet-sitting organization's van being stolen with 16 dogs inside. Rachel Green (Vanessa Bayer) and Jennifer Aniston stop by to discuss '90s nostalgia.
Cleaning Crew
n office cleaning crew (Cecily Strong, Emma Stone, Leslie Jones) performs a Christmas show for some employees (Beck Bennett, Pete Davidson, Alex Moffat, Sasheer Zamata, Vanessa Bayer).
Film Screening
Cecelia Prince (Sasheer Zamata) moderates a women in film panel featuring Leslie Jones, Emma Stone, Debette Goldry (Kate McKinnon) and Jennifer Aniston.
Wells For Boys
Introducing Wells for Boys, part of Fisher-Price's new Sensitive Boy line.
Shawn Mendes Performs "Treat You Better"
Musical Guest Shawn Mendes Performs "Treat You Better".
The Nativity
Mary (Emma Stone) is not pleased to have visitors (Pete Davidson, Mikey Day, Kenan Thompson, Alex Moffat, Beck Bennett, Bobby Moynihan) so soon after giving birth to Jesus.
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