Classic SNL were early morning airings of SNL that appeared in the 1am time slot immediately following the live episode in most NBC affiliates (and in many areas 1:30am or later) from Fall 1998 to December 2006. The airings at this time were the only way that viewers and long time fans saw episodes in their original rarely seen 90 minute format. The Classic SNL episodes were taken from broadcasts between October 1975 and December 2001. In January 2007, Classic SNL was discontinued. It was replaced in its timeslot by Poker after Dark.

Classic SNL episodes in a one-hour format would later start airing at 10 PM Saturdays under the name SNL Vintage.

SNL on E! Edit

One hour of classic episodes (some sketches are cut) can be seen on the channel E! at various times throughout the week, with the exception of Saturdays due to SNL Vintage airing on NBC at 10PM.

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