Christopher Guest (born February 5, 1948) is an English-American screenwriter, composer, musician, director, actor, and comedian who holds dual British and American citizenship. He is most widely known in Hollywood for having written, directed and starred in several improvisational "mockumentary" films featuring an ensemble cast.

He was on the cast of SNL during season 10. He served as the anchor of Saturday Night News for the latter half of the season.

Characters/Impressions[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Frankie
  • Herb Minkman
  • Phil
  • Rajeev Vindaloo
  • Senor Cosa

Impressions[edit | edit source]

Preceded by:
Ed Asner as one-episode anchor
Saturday Night News Anchor
(1984 - 1985)
Followed by:
Dennis Miller as Weekend Update
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