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Adam Douglas Driver is an American actor. His career started on Broadway in 2010 in Mrs. Warren's Profession. Later on he was involved in Man and Boy. His featured films included J. Edgar, Lincoln, Frances Ha, Inside LLewyn Davis, While we're Young, Hungry Hearts, and Jim Jarmusch's Paterson. His most notable roles were Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming trilogy and Adam Sackler in the HBO comedy Girls.

Driver hosted SNL's 41st season on January 16, 2016 with musical guest Chris Stapleton. He hosted again on SNL's 44th season premiere on September 29, 2018 episode with musical guest Kanye West. He hosted SNL's 45th season on January 25, 2020 with musical guest Halsey.

He was impersonated by James Austin Johnson on October 16, 2021 during the "Celeb School Game Show" sketch.



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