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• 12/30/2018

Upcoming SNL host suggestions

A couple of host suggestions for you. And you are gonna love 'em.

My suggestions for hosts on SNL are:

Anthony Rapp

Tom Kenny

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Adam Sandler

Danny Trejo

Beyonce Knowles

Reba McEntire

Jon Lovitz

Ginnifer Goodwin


Kelsea Ballerini

Nick Jonas

Gwen Stefani

Ellen Degeneres

America Ferrera

Idina Menzel

Cee Lo Green


Will Arnett

What do you guys think? Are these host suggestions pretty cool? Who's with me?

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• 5/5/2018

How to spell Qaddafi

I'm trying to find a sketch that probably appeared in the early 1980's. I believe it was a guest on news update. A kind of nerdy guy showing all the different ways there are to spell Qadafi.
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• 12/5/2015

Cannot find any video clips of Aunt Linda on weekend update

Anyone been able to find a clip of Aunt Linda?
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• 10/8/2015

Stefan Myers Character and his degrading disgusting unhumourous sketches referencing little people.

I am absolutely disgusted by the sketch I saw last Saturday, with character Stefon Myers, who referenced the term "midget" and even worse, stated a midget on a skateboard with a garbage can over it's head....or something of the sort. We have enough problems in today's society with bullying and segregation...look what it is doing to teenagers!!! are feeding this! From research, I see this is a common theme with the Stefon Myers character. What world do you live in? What era do you live in? Gawd forbid any of you ever have a child that is a little different than the rest of the world...oh, maybe your writers will mock and degrade them in your sketches?
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• 4/26/2015
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• 3/6/2015

SNL Castmembers that NEVER break character!!

On Will Forte's imdb, it says that he claimed he never "broken" in character during his long stint in the show. Is that true? Or is he just joking because he is a comedian? Help me out you guys.  This is killing me in the figurative sense.
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• 2/17/2015

Did you watch SNL 40?

What were your favorite skits and appearances? I think Paul McCartney and Paul Simon were mine. I mean how often do those guys jam together? The dueling Pauls!
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• 3/7/2014

Aunt Linda

Is there an Aunt Linda bit where she reviews the Gettysburg address? I remember her reviewing some historical piece, but I can't find it or remember when it was.
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